Buddha’s Birthday Festival 2019


諸事吉祥– 佛光寶寶祝福禮通啟
適逢佛陀聖誕,為傳達佛陀的慈悲,光明與智慧,特舉辦「諸事吉祥– 佛光寶寶祝福禮」。願佛陀慈光加被,寶寶平安,健康成長,眷屬和諧,家庭和順,幸福美滿。
活動時間:5月18日, 中午12:00
活動地點:阿姆斯特丹 新廣場(Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam)


Fo Guang Baby Blessing Ceremony
With the celebration for Buddha’s Birthday, we hold a special blessing ceremony for children expressing the compassion of Buddha and the wisdom of Buddha. Under Buddha’s compassionate light, we pray for children growing up soundly, for families living harmonically happily. 
Participants:0~12 years old child
Date & Time:Saturday 18-May-2019 PM12:00
Location: Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam

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