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荷華寺近期活動 Recent activities of He Hua Temple

5月5日(星期四)和平紀念 Thursday May 5, 2022 Freedom Meals
時間 Time 13:00-15:00
免費提供來寺各界佳賓高山烏龍茶及vegetarian finger foods。
5月14日(星期六) 慶佛誕暨”24小時探索你的城市”活動
Saturday May 14, 2022 Buddha’s Birthday and 24H Amsterdam
時間 Time 12:30-16:00
茶禪場次時間 Tea ceremony
1st section~13:00~13:30
2nd section~14:00~14:30
3rd section~15:00~15:30
請登入以下連結報名 Please sign up via the following link
De verjaardag van Boeddha | I amsterdam

階段性開放 Opening hours

荷華寺目前階段性開放,年後開放時間為每星期二.四.六 13:00-15:00。開放區域為圓通寶殿,歡迎大家在開放時間回寺禮佛。接下來開放時間有更動,會再另行公告,謝謝大家。

處世無畏 和平共存


The Hehua Temple is currently open in stages, and the opening hours after the CNY will be every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 13:00 to 15:00. The open area is the Guan Yin  Shrine, and you are welcome to return to the temple to worship Buddha during the opening hours. The opening hours will be changed in the future and will be announced later. Thank you.