Guided Tour


Amsterdam is a multicultural and flourishing city where we receive over a 1000 visitors each week. There are a variety of people that we receive in the temple. A lot of them want to know more about the temple and/or Buddhism. Therefore we have set up guided tours in the temple where you can see more of the temple and get some insight into what Buddhism is about.Individuals



For groups of 10 or more a pre-arranged guided tour is required.

Kindly email the filled form (download here (word document)) requesting a guided tour to the temple at at least 2 weeks in advance with the subject “Guided tour”.

Guided Tour

  • Introduction to Buddhism and explanation on the symbols in the temple.
  • Meditation session (meditation is approximately 12 minutes)
  • 50 minutes/1 hour
  • Fare: €8,00, student: € 5,50, children under 12 years old €2,50